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About Alex

Alex grew up in western South Dakota. During his childhood, he was an avid dog lover. Alex first saw the amazing potential that dogs had watching bird dogs work the fields while hunting. Alex continued to work with hunting breeds until he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2012. With a desire to continue working with dogs in the military, Alex was selected to become a Military Working Dog Handler.
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Alex’s Certifications and Qualifications include:

  • Special Operations Multi-Purpose Canine Master Trainer Certification
  • Department of Defense Supervisor Trainer Course
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Transportation Security Administration Canine Training Instructor
  • GAK9 Tactical Trailing Instructor Certificate
  • Vohne Liche Kennels Substance Detection Trainer Certificate
  • Vohne Liche Kennels Apprehension Certificate
  • Controlled Aggression Trainer Certificate
  • Military Working Dog Handler Course
  • Specialized Search Dog Handler Course
  • E-Collar Instructor Course

For the first two years he served as a dog handler, Alex was able to attend advanced canine courses focusing on off leash obedience, directional control, and e-collar certifications. In 2014 Alex was selected to join an elite unit in the Marine Corps: The Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) Unit. At this unit, Alex traveled all over the world for canine training. He became an expert in advanced obedience training, substance detection, controlled aggression, and team protection, and trailing. During his time at MARSOC Alex completed three combat deployments to the Middle East and Africa with his working dog named Bass. Together Alex and Bass led hundreds of patrols, located explosives, and cleared enemy strongholds. Alex and Bass have received combat and valor awards for their actions overseas.

Alex was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2019 and continued to pursue his passion of training dogs. Alex was hired by the Department of Defense as a lead trainer for the Military Working Dog Course at Lackland Air Force Base, TX. Just under a year later Alex joined the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Canine Training Center staff which is also located at Lackland Air Force Base, TX. During his time at TSA Alex trained and evaluated hundreds of dogs who were purchased to join the security measures at airports all over the United States. Alex also went through several instructor development courses which allowed him to become an expert in teaching dog obedience training techniques to law enforcement officers and TSA security officers.

Alex’s lifetime has been devoted to service and training dogs. Helping dogs and their handlers/owners create a lasting bond through training and proper instruction is why Alex and Ivy League Canine Academy continues to push towards the top of this industry throughout San Antonio, Von Ormy, Bulverde, and Schertz, TX. Contact us to learn more.