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K9 Training Programs in San Antonio, TX

Ivy League Canine Academy is a family-owned business specializing in dog training. More important, we’re intent on making your dog the best version of themselves! Whether your dog is exhibiting some problematic behaviors, or they need positive socialization with other dogs, we know how to help you get the results you never thought possible for your pup. If you’re looking for an expert dog trainer in San Antonio, TX, we’re the ones to call for K9 behavior modifications.

We work with all breeds, including those considered “difficult to work with.”
We customize our K9 training programs for your needs and the goals of your dog.
Our trainer is a certified military dog trainer with years of proven experience.
We teach on- and off-leash obedience concepts, for a balanced, confident dog.
We use modern technology, including the E-Collar, in our K9 training programs.

Meet Your Pet’s Next Teacher

Alex’s lifelong passion for dogs has driven him to become an elite K9 trainer. During the last 10 years Alex has mastered K9 training through his experiences working for canine programs in Marine Corps Special Operations Command, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security. The most important factor that Alex has learned throughout his canine career all around the world is that every dog learns differently and must be trained as the individual they are. Alex’s expertise does not stop at the end of the leash. For eight years Alex has educated and trained military members, law enforcement, and pet owners with the K9 socialization skills necessary to maintain a successful relationship with their dog. Alex has now formed a small team of subject matter experts in the canine training industry to bring the most up to date and effective methods to your family!
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A Balanced and Individualized Approach to K9 Obedience Training

Ivy League Canine Academy takes a balanced, individualized approach to ensure that you and your dog have the best education possible. Our custom programs stress four core principles: a balanced and clear understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior for your dog, a strong foundation of obedience both on and off leash, socialization and exposure to public places and different stimuli, and extensive training for you, the pet owner, to ensure a successful future for your pet and family.

We have over a decade of military K9 socialization experience which has made us the local experts in K9 training in San Antonio, Von Ormy, Bulverde, and Schertz, TX. It’s our comprehensive approach to training that makes a difference. We use modern technology and balanced dog training techniques to make sure positive behaviors are learned and negative behaviors are extincted. We specialize in training your dog to be obedient both on and off a leash and to interact positively with other furry friends. We also make training you a top priority to ensure you grasp dog training fundamentals and ensure you are more than capable of continuing to advance your dog at home, allowing you to correct problem behaviors and live a better life with your best friend.

We know your dog is a member of the family, and that’s the philosophy we have with our K9 behavior modifications. We tailor each program to suit your lifestyle, and your satisfaction is always our top priority. We welcome all breeds and work with clients throughout central and southern Texas. Invest in your family’s future with an Ivy League education for yourself and your dog today.

K9 Socialization
We know your dog is a member of the family and that is the philosophy we have here. Invest in your family’s future with an Ivy League education for your dog, today!

Give Your Pup a Quality Education

At Ivy League Canine Academy, we know that every dog, owner, and family are unique. We’re ready to create a custom K9 training program so you can live a happy life with your best friend.
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