January 5, 2024

Board and Train

" IIvy League Canine Academy has been a life changer for Levi and us. Let me begin by saying that we have been through numerous trainers in the past to help Levi with his high anxiety and reactivity. Levi was taking numerous behavior meds, limited to inside our home due to his reactivity anytime he saw another dog or any moving object. When I say he was anxious, it was everything! One day we decided that we couldn't continue to live like this, and we wanted Levi to be able to enjoy outdoor activities and not be so anxious. We decided to try and find a trainer that would focus on his reactivity and behavior. That is when we found Ivy League. After talking to Alex S, he gave me so much comfort in knowing that Levi was going to be in good hands and that they would also be working with us throughout his training. During the initial meeting we noticed the knowledge Alex had and how Levi responded to him. We enjoyed the daily homework videos to watch as well as his progress. Then we met Alex M. who worked with Levi during his board and train. It was awesome to see how Levi bonded with both Alex's and the trust he had with them. During the 1:1 training with us, Alex M. provided great feedback and support. Since Levi has been home, we have been able to go to the park, car rides, be in the front yard with dogs who pass by, and he does not react like he used to. There have been so many improvements that we have seen, another one is prior to his training Levi was not able to be out in our backyard due to other dogs coming at the fence. Alex B saw first-hand what we had to deal with when he dropped Levi off. I am happy to say that with Alex B.'s feedback and support we have been able to slowly work with him in the back yard. We were so proud of him. We are beyond grateful to Ivy League and Alex B. for all their support during his training and afterwards. Alex B. Thank you for your prompt responses to my many texts, it is greatly appreciated. Levi is off his meds Yay! We look forward to the Alumni Sessions, to meet all the graduates and see everyone again. "
January 5, 2024

Board and Train

"Highly Recommend Ivy League Canine Academy. Thank you for all your Help with Levi!"
November 9, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:38:59

"I have a reactive female German Shepherd who had previous training but I need a little bit more help learning how to handle her. I couldn’t walk her in the apartment complex because her reactivity was so severe towards other dogs and people and I couldn’t have anyone she hadn’t met in my apartment either. With the help of Alex and Maddie I am now able to handle her reactivity effectively and she’s no longer acting crazy in the apartment complex and we are also able to be in public with zero reactivity ☺️ hire them, you won’t regret it!"
November 4, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:38:53

"Before moving to San Antonio, I knew that I needed to continue training with my dog Bella. Started looking online for different trainers, and I found Ivy League canine Academy. I only read the reviews from other dog owners, and Alex‘s story. I knew that this was the right place for Bella. Alex called me right away and after two hours on the phone talking about the training process, the trainers, and my dog I signed up immediately. Mel was EXCEPTIONAL! Bella took to Mel immediately. It was harder for me to leave on the initial drop off. Mel included me in the process every step of the way. Mel asked me what I wanted to focus on during her stay and she covered everything! I would receive the homework of the day then my dogs’ session. I would be laughing watching my dog be stubborn but then reluctantly give in and follow. After the first three days, it was like night and day. Bella was listening and following commands. I am extremely grateful to Mel for sharing her knowledge and training skills with me. This is going to make mine and my dogs’ relationship so much healthier and happier! Thanks again Mel!"
October 29, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:38:47

"Big Decision! But it paid off in spades. We had a dog that was very reactive to other dogs and external stimuli--it was a BIG problem. We were desperate to find a solution before something happened. I started interviewing trainers and after meeting with several, I found Alex, the owner of Ivy League Canine Academy. Alex explained the psychology of the issue and their proven record for modifying the behavior of dogs. Fast forward--we were paired with Melissa A.--Lucy lived with her and her pack, in their home for 3 weeks. Lucy was trained with tender care and compassion, paired with expectation and reward/ consequence. My dog was delivered back to my home, re-introduced to our pack and we are applying the education/ tools Lucy learned with Melissa at Ivy League Canine Academy and we look forward to many more years with this little black dog. Price? Well--it is an INVESTMENT/ Cheaper than a lawsuit and balanced with price is the reward of having a well-behaved dog that you can take anywhere with the assurance that you will be in total control. I highly recommend this company."
October 22, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:38:42

"Thank you! I loved that you don’t just send your dog off and hope they come back a trained dog- you see daily videos and have check-ins to learn everything as well."