July 11, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:34:07

"My husband and I decided to send our dog Mardi to Ivy League K9 Academy after discovering Alex’s official Instagram and reaching out to do a consultation. From my first correspondence with Alex it was apparent that he has a real passion for what he does. Mardi had started to become aggressive—barking at people and dogs/trying to attack people on walks/afraid to be out at night/jumping/anxious— we had no idea how to help him. Alex understood that Mardi needed to build his confidence and was probably reacting out of fear. We sent Mardi to ILK9A for the two week board and train program and Alex sent us daily training updates/videos/photos of his progress! To see the growth that Mardi was capable of in such a short amount of time was pretty remarkable for us. Alex tailored Mardi’s training and really made a connection with him. Mardi is now able to be around new humans and dogs without the fear and aggression that he was showing two weeks ago. He’s a more focused and confident dog and I can’t wait to be able to continue his training at home. In addition to Mardi’s training, my husband and I had a few sessions with Alex where he helped us to understand the new lessons and commands that Mardi had been working on and how we can translate that training into our daily routine to keep Mardi on track. I can’t wait to see where Mardi’s at in the next 6 months if this is how much he could grow and learn in two weeks. There’s no one else I would have trusted my baby with. Thank you to Alex and the ILK9Academy team for loving Mardi like he was their own."
July 11, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:33:57

"Alex, at Ivy League Canine Academy is the real deal! Our two pups were pulling on the leash, very impulsive with other dogs and environmental stimuli, and were pretty much running our household. Choosing to send our two girls, Penny and Suzie, to a one-week board and train has been one of the best decisions. Alex was so patient with them and really took the time to inform us, the owners, of what he was doing and WHY. We loved getting the daily videos of their activities and it was great to see so much progress in such a short amount of time. Our pups no longer pull us along on walks, they know basic commands and we are able to take them out more places without it being such a burden. We could not recommend Alex at Ivy League Canine Academy enough for all the great work, info, confidence and support he has given us throughout the process! If your in doubt about whether to pull the trigger, JUST DO IT!"
May 31, 2021

2021-07-01 | 21:32:10

"We didn’t take the time to train Bonnie as a rescue puppy, and as such, have an almost 5 year old with zero impulse control or manners whatsoever. She would see a dog across the street and lose her mind. The only reason she hasn’t dragged me across the street is because I’m physically stronger than she is, not because she listens to me. She has very high anxiety and it doesn’t take much to make her completely freaked out. Alex has done such a good job with her, it really warms my heart to see how much she trusts him and how much she’s obviously enjoyed working with him. He met her where she was, and didn’t expect more of her than he knew she was ready for. I can’t believe we didn’t have Alex train her years ago. I would literally pay 10 times what he charges, it’s worth every penny. And the videos and explanations he sends daily are so helpful. The amount of attention he spends on his write ups and videos is so appreciated, I can’t say enough good things about Ivy League Canine Academy. I may even be excited about a new dog— as long as Alex trains them!"
May 31, 2021

2021-07-01 | 21:32:00

"Alex is not only a magician when it comes to dog training, but he is one of the most professional communicators I’ve ever seen, and a veteran to boot. Alex trained and boarded Bonnie for a week and she came back a totally different pup. Before her puppy brain urges and impulsivity were so strong that my wife could not walk her. I’m so happy that we found Alex and Ivy League Canine Academy."
May 17, 2021

2021-07-01 | 21:31:45

"Ivy League K9 is the place to go!! I have a 2 year old Anatolian/Pyrenees mix and he was not confident in himself and had a fear based aggression. Ivy League did wonders for him, Alex was super informative with everything he was doing. Instilled some confidence in my pup, and gave me tips and tricks on how to continue to build his confidence. He would bark like crazy if someone came in our house and he didn’t know them. Now he has his place and knows it’s no longer acceptable to do that. I will never go anywhere else for dog training!"
April 25, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:33:49