July 22, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:36:51

"Alex and his team were amazing, and my dog is a new animal and has a sense of purpose. Thank you so much, and this was the best boarding and training I have used with any of my animals. The videos and constant follow up also allowed us to show our whole family the right way to help our dog. Thank You."
July 17, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:36:46

"Best dog trainer in the San Antonio area!! Alex and his team were extremely knowledgeable and professional. Their dog training regimen was thorough, and his team provided daily video updates on our pup’s progression while he was away. Alex’s team sent us daily videos on crate training techniques, commands, and recalls to maintain our pups habits after the training had ended. And overall GREAT experience!!"
July 14, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:36:33

"It's been 4 months since Maverick came home from training, and I am still so impressed with its lasting impact. The most transformational part of his behavior is leash walking, reactivity in public, and listening to commands in public. My rating and recommendation remain high!"
July 11, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:36:27

"9.5 year old Husky…it was either get rid of her, euthanize her for being aggressive, or move out. I wasn’t going to accept either option. We found ILK9 and Alex Marquissee did the BEST job! I can walk my dog without my arm being pulled out of it socket and she can finally be out in the living room with us and our 2 labs without trying to attack. My dog has been with me throughout my darkest days and I was not about to give her up in any way. She was my baby before my baby was my baby. Lol. I owe everything to ILK9, Alex Schnell and Alex Marquissee."
July 11, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:36:21

"A year ago on an early morning walk we were followed home by a puppy. No one claimed her. She was hungry, sweet and smart enough to know she was safe. She was not fancy but I named her Reina anyway. Reina has more than lived up to her name in drama. She is a big dog and exhibited behavior that might be characterized as feral. We enrolled in obedience training, reactive rover classes and exercised our training daily with a program that was not able to accommodate Reina’s energy. We failed miserably. Reina is now a five month graduate of ILK9 Academy. (Thank you friend for this recommendation.). I now have a confident, obedient dog and companion who enjoys being a pet. ILK9 is a thoughtful program which set me and Reina up for success. Reina was taught basic life skills and trained to follow both verbal and hand signal commands. More advanced skills were also introduced including responding to the door bell, pack feeding, resource guarding, socialization in busy places and vehicle transport. This was all completed in three weeks with seven additional dogs. Reina and I practice our training everyday. We also participate in ILK9 Academy monthly Alumni training sessions. In these sessions we receive positive reinforcement for a job well done and corrections when improvement is needed. We continue to learn and improve. This is a program for a life well lived. Thank you ILK9"
July 10, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:36:15

"Alex and his crew are great. They took our Honey, who had very aggressive moods towards other dogs and people, and trained her. Now, we can take walks in the neighborhood and she'll walk right by other dogs. She will get anxious if a spirited or growling dog is close by."