September 2, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:35:02

"Great place to get your dog trained! Loved everything about the experience and my dog is amazing!"
August 11, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:34:54

August 11, 2021

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August 3, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:34:36

"Ivy League has been the best money I’ve spent when it comes to my 8-year old rescue Cash. After introducing Cash to a dog walker when going out of town and seeing him react with aggression and and fear my wife and I knew we needed help. Enter Alex and Ivy League, who put Cash in his place. He drove down, established a healthy foundation, and taught Cash what it means to have obedience and the confidence he needed to be a well-balanced, well-behaved boy! But Cash wasn’t the only one that learned…Alex taught my wife and I how to be thoughtful owners, how to foster a home of learning, and establish good behaviors and correct those that are unacceptable. I am a customer for life and suggest ANYONE to Alex and Ivy League Canine Academy."
July 14, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:34:29

"We are so glad to have found Alex and Ivy League Canine Academy! We sent our 10-month-old mini Goldendoodle (Cooper) to Ivy League Canine Academy for a two-week board and train. Cooper really needed help with his impulse control and puppy tendencies. He also really struggled with his independence and had bad separation anxiety. He would throw a fit in his kennel if we had to leave him in there. Cooper came home three days ago, and the difference is incredible. Cooper will go to his “place” and stay there until he is released. I can even leave the room without him following me! I can cook and we can all eat dinner at the table without worrying about him going to the kitchen to try to get food off the counter. His overall demeanor is a lot more relaxed and chill when in the house. We are so glad we decided to send Cooper at such a young age so we can enjoy him as a member of our family for a long time. One of the reasons we were glad to have found Alex is his calm and patient demeanor towards the dogs. They make the dogs part of their family for two weeks and include them in regular daily activities. He sent daily video updates so we could see the progress Cooper was making. The videos also helped when he came home since we can go back and look at them. We have already rewatched a couple. Alex brought Cooper home and taught us how to transition his new behaviors into our routine and how to stay firm with him since he will push his boundaries when he got home. Alex’s patience helped him train us too! We now have the knowledge and tools to continue to help Cooper improve. He is walking GREAT on a leash, and we are enjoying walking him twice a day. He is even sleeping in his kennel now without a peep and goes in there on command. We would not trust anyone more than the Ivy League Canine Academy team with our dogs!"
July 12, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:34:21

"We seriously can't say enough great things about Alex and ILK9 Academy! We sent our 1 yr old Doberman to Alex to work on her impulse control, walking, and to build her confidence. Our girl (Feta) is our first dog, so of course we were a little apprehensive, but as soon as we got there to drop Feta off, I was immediately relieved by Alex's professionalism and knowledge. We especially liked Alex's prior experience working with training dogs; military, TSA, etc. As promised, we received updates every day with our dog's progress. It was so nice to see her progression for those two weeks. Each update came with an explanation of what he and the dog were working on and what we as the owners can do at home to continue the work. These videos are great because we can always look back on them for pointers! As soon as we got back home we could see the results. Our dog has gained confidence and is much better on walks. Not only did Alex train our dog, but he also educated us, so now we have the tools we need in order to continue training at home. He sends you home with everything you could possibly need to effectively and safely condition your dog. I would HIGHLY recommend Alex and Ivy League Canine Academy if you need any help with your dog! Thank you so much, Alex!"