December 5, 2022

Anne Vela | 2022-12-04 16:46:06

"Can’t say enough about Alex and his way w dogs. Buttons was doing her own thing for 18 mos and I was unable to train her. Alex took her for two weeks and she became another dog. Obedient, calm, and happy to be that. I was also trained on how to handle her here at home. Daily videos and an in home training in her environment rounded out her training sessions. I am so pleased with the Ivy Legue Canine Academy I highly recommend them to make your experience w your dog a positive relationship. "
December 2, 2022

2024-03-15 | 09:25:32

"I sent my reactive dog to Alex for a 3 week board and train. I was having issues with being able to keep Zeus’ reactivity under control. Alex did an amazing job training him and at first I was very worried he would lose his personality but that’s definitely not the case! I am very much able to maintain him a lot easier now and I’m very grateful for the training and relationship he got with his training. Alex built a bond with him (I sometimes debated whether or not he loved me more) and was able to teach him structure and worked him through his many insecurities and allowed me to join in on sessions which was awesom!"
November 29, 2022

Allison Farrar | 2022-11-26 01:16:59

"Thank you isn’t even enough. Alex and his IvyLeagueCanineAcademy team gave much needed structure to me and Odesza’s life. Odesza was lacking confidence, appropriate reactions to other dogs, and impulse control. I was lacking in leadership and I didn’t know how to control or understand how to get my dog to obey. Within just two weeks the progress was just extraordinary. The way Alex explains things is easy to understand and learn. It takes work and patience but concepts like giving your dog a job works wonders. All these lessons and teachable moments from Alex has changed me and Odesza’s relationship for the best! The change is not only recognized by me but every single person who sees Odesza’s behavior always tells me he is the most well behaved dog. He always has his phone handy and answers all questions that I have. Alex and his team got us to where we are and many thanks to them. We will continue working hard and enjoying the positive results. I will always be grateful and continue to go to Alex with questions/ and his future training. "
November 3, 2022

Jude Ann Prior | 2022-10-26 19:45:52

"We have a German Shepherd Boxer mix. Han Solo was a Covid puppy and was vicious when it came to anyone coming into the house. We knew Han Solo was going to harm someone. We felt so hopeless, until we met Alex. Ivy League canine academy saved our boy. He has been home for 2 months and he has a different disposition when it comes to being so anxious and ferocious when someone walks through our door. Through daily discipline Han Solo functions anxiety free and people can now come and go safely. His training has also helped his old sister Leia. Play time, dinner time, and walks are 1000% better with these 2 two year olds. Alex and his team were so worth the time and money to save our sweet boy. Thank you Ivy league canine academy. "
November 3, 2022

Dog saver.

"Alex and his team at Ivy League Canine Academy saved our Boy. Han Solo (1yr old shepherd Boxer mix)would be aggressive to anyone who walked in our front door, there was no walking him, he would bolt out of the house when ever the door opened, he would eat things out of anxiety and his fence aggression still has claw marks on the fence. Not any more, Alex and his team had Han Solo for 2 weeks and they have transformed him into a new puppers. I was so desperate in trying to train on my own, I felt hopeless until I got in touch with Alex. After our first phone call I knew he could help our boy. Voice commands, walks, houseguests, and frolicking in the backyard is all better now thanks to Ivy League Canine Academy. Now Han Solo has helped train his big sister Leia (2yr wht lab) "
October 28, 2022

2024-03-15 | 09:25:35

"Great experience with Alex and Ivy League Canine Academy! Loved the daily videos to see progress. Our dog is so much better and has manners now. The in person training was great to be sure our family was on the same page as what was learned during the board and train! We look forward to alumni sessions and meeting others."