May 11, 2022

2022-06-14 | 22:27:33

"We had a fantastic experience getting our little puppy trained by Alex and his team! His years of expertise clearly showed in the drastic difference we saw in our rambunctious puppy within the short 2 week training program The communication from him was absolutely top-notch during the whole 2 week period The last day was scheduled in such a way that he could come do a hand-off with our newly trained puppy instead of just dropping him off. He even put together a little manual to aid in maintaining the structure at home We now have a happy obedient puppy!"
May 6, 2022

Dale 2 week board and train

"Oscar our trainer was awesome. He helped turn our boy Dale into the dog we knew he could be. I could not have asked for a better trainer. The report cards and videos helped us track Dales progress and made the 2 weeks without our baby go fast. Thanks again the May family!"
April 21, 2022

2022-06-14 | 22:27:29

"We’d never experienced a dog that was such a wild one in all our dog yrs till our new pup. We were trying our best to train him but we’re more exasperated than successful. We’d never tried using a trainer but felt like we had to do something more. We could not have asked for a better experience! We were given daily progress updates which also gave us an opportunity to learn. They are so thorough in helping you with walking you through the process with your dog to practice what they’ve been teaching and take home materials to continue the process. Great people! Great program! We’re amazed at how much he learned in a two week’s time!"
April 20, 2022

2022-06-14 | 22:27:28

"Alex has been working with us and our dogs for about 2 months and the difference in their behavior is astronomical! Our girl Shepard has always been a bit difficult ( we got her right before the pandemic happened so we didn't get to socialize her properly). We even took her to a behavioralist and they had us put her on medication to chill her out (along with some training tips) but that was not the answer and she didn't really improve. Having Alex guide us, educate us, and show us how to correct their unwanted behavior in this short time has shown the most improvement with her and our other 3 dogs. She was very reactive when she saw another dog, she would immediately lunge and bark without hesitation, and now she is at the point where she can see another dog and not react. There is also more peace in our home and it's not a crazy house like before( we also have 5 kids). I could go on and on but bottom line- Alex is extremely knowledgeable, PATIENT, and a great trainer. Our dogs are easier to handle which has alleviated much of the stress I carried, and we are so pleased with the results we are seeing."
April 20, 2022

2022-06-14 | 22:27:12

"My “copper” turned 10 months old today! He went thru a training course with Alex at Ivy League canine academy. He is now a new dog. He was trained with basic commands and a lot of love by me. Now he has matured enough to spring board with many obedience skills because of the skillful training that Ivy League provides. I do recommend Ivy League to anyone that ask me where Copper was trained. Alex you are amazing. Thank you for all of your help and guidance in training me too. Ethan, you are a rock star too! Thank you both."
April 6, 2022

2022-04-13 | 18:37:42

"Alex & Ethan were phenomenal in helping us get our dogs on the right track they had a few nasty fights and suffer from severe reactivity toward dogs coming from a life in shelters and he was able to get them on the right track so that we could continue to help them learn to have a healthy relationship with each other and us. I would highly recommend his 2 week board and train to anyone looking for a very detailed and informative trainer! Thanks so much Guys!"