January 20, 2022

2022-04-13 | 18:36:59

"I highly recommend any owner to sign up for the virtual training. My yellow lab has benefitted massively since we began the virtual program with Alex. Alex regularly checks-in with video calls and is available via direct message at any time. After the video calls, he sends a comprehensive training plan including detailed suggestions on what to focus on until the next check in. When we identified an issue, for example: leash biting, we sent him a video and he recorded a clear, tailor-made response with his suggestions using his own dogs. Alex also provides an e-book with the training program, detailing his training philosophy, notes on expectations, the best gear for your pup, and much more. While the remote option places more responsibility with the owner, Alex does an incredible job motivating owners to get the best out of their dogs. Alex will work hard to ensure you and your pup have the best experience possible. 10/10"
December 11, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:36:52

"On a day when our trainer failed to show up (yet again!) at a local park for a scheduled session with our 2-year old, dog-aggressive, mini-Schnauzer shelter dog (Sadie), I spotted Alex working with an owner and her dog and was immediately impressed with his training style, demeanor and the responsiveness of the dog to commands! Got his business card that day, spoke with him at length later in the afternoon and we set up a consultation appointment a few days later. Wow...what a difference! Alex was just what we needed to train us and our little girl. He came by the house for the first few appointments and concluded with a lesson plan for us to work on before the next session. We then starting meeting Alex at various locations around town to help Sadie acclimate to different levels of stimulation. She's still a work in progress but with the tools that Alex has given us...along with his unending patience and guidance...we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we started! We now look forward to attending Alex's monthly group classes and will continue to schedule refreshers to help keep us on track. Thanks Alex!!"
November 23, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:36:42

"Our dog Willow recently completed Alex’s two week board and train program and we are amazed by the transformation! Before Willow’s training Alex discussed our expectations and explained his techniques. He answered all of our questions, and he explained all complex concepts in clear and easy to understand language. Alex delivered on all promises. He provided daily video updates that showed us her progress and helped us learn from his examples. Alex spent time with us too, coaching and training the humans so that we fully understand the basics and relationship we share with Willow. She is still the same sweet and playful pup, but now she is eager to show us how well she can perform the tasks Alex taught her. He also socialized her with strangers and dogs, so she is not easily distracted while in public or excitable when guests come to the house. This was a worthwhile and smart investment and we will utilize Alex’s training program again if there are pups in our future. Thank you Alex!"
November 17, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:36:36

"Ivy League Canine Academy is one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. Little did I realize, Alex was more so training me as the dog owner, than he was training my dog. Every dog has potential, but it’s on the owner to learn how to handle them. Alex has come out every week for hour long training sessions, and left me with “homework”training for the week, and is always available if I have questions arise. Would highly recommend his services to anybody who wants to make their dog the best pet they’ve ever had."
October 30, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:36:29

"We would like to thank Alex for all his hard work. He trained our 10 month old Malinois mix. In my terms…he was CRAZY! I’ve never had a Mal before so I didn’t know how to handle him. My dog sitter recommended Alex to me. She told me that he worked with underlying behavioral issues. I didn’t hesitate to call him as I wanted a better relationship with my dog. We did the 2 week board and train. Onyx is home now and OMG! I have a totally different dog. He’s NOT crazy anymore! Haha…We can walk together without stepping on each other’s toes. He doesn’t jump on my grand babies anymore. He stays in place. That was a big one for me! All in all I’m very pleased with Alex and his work. If you’re thinking about it, do it. It’s definitely worth every penny!"
October 30, 2021

2022-04-13 | 18:35:35

"I genuinely want to brag about Alex and all the amazing work he does! After sending my pup to train with him, I am amazed at how much her impulsive behaviors have improved. He not only works with your for legged friend, but he also helps you find your own confidence and gives you all the tools to build that leadership role in your relationship with your fur companion. I am so excited to build on the foundation he helped establish with Maya. He keeps you involved in every aspect of the process and is always open to questions and is great at explaining things from his perspective."