August 8, 2022

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July 5, 2022

From Panic to Promise

"After about 6 months from the day we adopted Beaux, he began to get really defensive and protective of our home and us. We couldn't have anyone come over without him getting HIGHLY stressed and panicked. It worried me and I felt just as stressed as he did. This wasn't safe for him. us, or our potential guests. We wanted him to be protective when needed but also trust us to lead him. A very good friend of mine told me about Alex around the time we adopted Beaux and once I noticed we had a problem, I talked with my husband about getting help. We called Alex and expressed our concerns (and fears) and he was so patient, he answered all of our questions and you could just tell that he cares for animals and their safety. He assured us that with his team and training, Beaux would have more confidence and we would develop peace and trust. Alex heard me out even just days prior to drop off when i was an emotional wreck after trying to take Beaux to the vet. The second we got out of the truck on drop off day, I was impressed with how quickly Beaux went with the guys and Alex assured me, everything was going to be okay. I can't thank him enough for holding my hand through this process. We received updates daily with videos and explanations of how the training is conducted. It put my heart at ease. The whole experience has FAR exceeded my expectations. Alex and his team truly care about animals and especially their pupils even after they graduate. They brought him home to us and walked us through all we needed to know to ensure success once they left. Beaux has been doing GREAT and I have such a huge sense of relief because now he has a FIRM FOUNDATION. I cannot recommend Alex and Ivy League K9 Academy enough! Thank you Alex, Ethan and Alex M. for your dedication and support!!!"
June 22, 2022

Letitia | 2022-06-20 22:22:13

"When it comes to dog training, it's hard to know who to trust with not only your dog, but your training goals. Alex at Ivy League Canine Academy was the third call I made. The first two promised that we could achieve our goals with daily, hourly sessions over a few weeks; one was very expensive and one very inexpensive. Based on my experience and considering our goals, I was highly doubtful these other trainers could achieve them in the manner they proposed. When I spoke with Alex, however, he gained my confidence right away with his experience, proposed training plan, and honesty. We met up with him in person where he was able to quickly evaluate our dog and his suitability for what we were trying to achieve. Alex said he believed we could accomplish what we wanted in the two-week window but that he would advise us as we progressed if our dog needed more time (he ultimately didn't). Throughout the two-week training, Alex and his team very quickly corrected the flaws in our dog's behavior and significantly reformed his existing training while enacting new, high-level skills, all the while staying in constant communication with us, providing multiple training video updates and photos (that included instructions to us) each day. I was impressed by what Alex and his team were able to achieve in such a short time frame. Alex also provided us with in-person instruction as well as an easy-to-follow training manual and equipment for optimal success. I've already recommended Alex and Ivy League to two different friends- one whose dog suffers from severe separation anxiety and another whose previous training elsewhere has lapsed due to it not being kept up. Ultimately, we couldn't ask for a better experience for our needs and are thrilled at the results and professionalism of Alex and Ivy League's highly-capable team. "
June 13, 2022

2022-06-14 | 22:27:33

"Before going to the Ivy League Canine Academy my dog Kiwi was stubborn, reactive, and didn’t listen very well. Since then he has done a complete 180! He now listens to commands without hesitation. We are able to take him on long walks without him stopping to sniff everything in sight. He also has stopped lunging and barking at other people, and dogs. Thanks to the Ivy League trainers he now understands boundaries! I would definitely recommend them!!"
June 9, 2022

2022-06-14 | 22:27:33

"Alex and his team are great! In such a short period of time, they helped train my Shi Tzu and my roommate’s Australian Shepherd and the transformation in both is amazing! Alex has taught us how to get our fur babies to obey and to interact with one another (and other dogs) in an appropriate manner. This is huge as our dogs couldn’t even be in the same room without attacking one another before. Now they can sit side by side with no issues! Everything Alex taught us has led to improvements in our walks, going to public places and just being at home in our yard or inside. I highly recommend Ivy League Canine Academy! They’re definitely the best around!"
May 17, 2022

Excellent Trainers

"Alex and his team are the best. They work very hard and are committed to every dog they take on. Alex worked wonders on my Australian Shepard and showed me how to work with him as well. My Aussie has lots of anxiety and showed aggression to other dogs. He is a lot calmer now and he listens to the commands. Alex provided clear direction to me and Cooper. Alex is always willing to answer questions and provide honest feedback. If you are looking for a trainer, look no further. This is literally the best training program for your dog. I cannot say enough about Alex and his program. "