September 24, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:37:59

"IV League k9 did a great job with my 5-month-old Goldendoodle, Captain. Melissa was his fantastic trainer who turned him into a new dog. She meticulously explained everything on his daily update videos, so we were able to learn how to handle captain. I am delighted with his progress in the puppy board and training program. I definitely recommend this business."
September 24, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:37:54

"We recently had the pleasure of enrolling our two Jack Russells, Marley and Murphy, in the 3-week "board and train" program at Ivy League Canine Academy, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Alex Marquissee and the rest of the team at ILK9A truly exceeded our expectations, delivering top-notch service and transforming our pups into well-behaved companions. Right from the start, the level of professionalism and dedication was evident. Throughout the program, we received daily training videos showcasing the progress of Marley and Murphy, which helped keep us engaged and connected to their learning journey. Additionally, the team provided us with informative "homework" videos that guided us through continued training at home. What truly set Ivy League Canine Academy apart was the in-person training sessions. We had the opportunity to work with our dogs under the guidance of Alex Marquissee, which allowed us to witness their skills in action and learn effective techniques. This hands-on approach was invaluable in reinforcing the lessons learned during the program. The program itself was thorough and comprehensive, covering a wide range of obedience and behavioral training. Marley and Murphy have become more responsive, and well-mannered. We’re amazed at the progress they've made in such a short time, and it's all thanks to the exceptional training provided by Alex Marquissee and the Ivy League team. We highly recommend Ivy League Canine Academy and Alex Marquissee to anyone seeking professional board and train services. Their expertise, dedication, and personalized approach make them stand out from the rest. The results speak for themselves, and we can confidently say that our experience was nothing short of fantastic. On a scale of 1 to 10, we would undoubtedly rate Ivy League Canine Academy a solid 15. If you're looking for a facility that goes above and beyond to transform your furry friends into well-behaved companions, look no further. Alex Marquissee and the rest of the ILK9A team have our highest recommendation!"
September 23, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:37:49

"What an incredible experience for myself and my boy CZAR! A huge thank you to Melissa and Ivy League Canine Academy! I want to say I was reluctant at first due to my ignorance but once I got in and met Alex to discuss the program, I then understood the process. Training your dog is important but just as important is to train you as the owner to continue the training once your baby comes home. Then meeting his trainer Melissa was just the next level with a video in the morning to what to expect to a video at night to what my boy actually did. These videos are great refreshers in his training for ME to do my best in his training. I’m so excited for my boy to live his best life along side me not just in a backyard. The price tag on this opportunity may sound expensive in the beginning but what I know now it is worth every penny. The opportunity to reach out anytime for help and alumni meets each month is just awesome. Thank you again Melissa, you are truly a special person to me and my wife for helping my dream dog live his best life. We wish the very best to you and Ivy League Canine Academy! Love Tony & Michele"
September 23, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:37:43

"Alex and his team at Ivy League Canine Academy are amazing. Our dog Buddy is a deaf pitbull we rescued during the pandemic. Although we were able to make some progress with training at home, he still had some issues with anxiety in new environments, meeting new people, and focusing on us when in areas with a lot of distractions. I had called a few dog training facilities in town prior to contacting Alex, but he was the first one willing to work with a deaf dog. Over the course of the 3 week board and train we’ve seen amazing progress with Buddy! And because of Alex’s training and guidance we’re hoping to continue Buddy’s training at home with some new tools and techniques. He was very communicative throughout Buddy’s training and would send us daily update videos on his progress, any areas that might need more work, and would respond quickly to any questions we had. We’ll be recommending ILK9 to everyone we know!"
September 17, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:37:36

"The best training money can buy! I have a German Shepherd Husky mix who is as stubborn and independent as you can imagine. Which was cute and endearing for a while, until her behavior became problematic towards other dogs. I wasn’t able to get her attention. She seemed to go into a state where it didn’t matter what I was saying or doing, she was going to do whatever she wanted to anyway. I was incredibly frustrated, resentful and honestly debated moving her to another family. I looked for multiple dog trainers and wasn’t able to find the right fit. One day I was on instagram and saw my friends dogs, who hated each other, sitting together happy and content to be in each others space. That’s how I found ILK9. I had apprehension reaching out to another trainer. I was expected disappointment and a hefty price tag. Instead I found Alex to be incredibly welcoming, taking time to understand the situation and giving constant support. He has taken my dog from wild and stubborn, to what feels like an extension of my body. Our relationship has never been better. She understands me and I understand her. I’ve found some dog training to be incredibly complicated and often not effective but ILK9 is simple, easy to understand and geared towards both you and your dogs needs. I found the videos to be incredibly helpful to learn from and refer back to. Overall the product he has created is worth every penny."
September 16, 2023

2023-11-17 | 14:37:31

"We are so happy with the puppy training of our dog Raylan. Melissa is our trainer and she explained everything in our daily videos which has made it so easy for us to stay committed at home. The training videos we received from the owner Alex made us aware of the importance of having a dog that listens and understands boundaries. Absolutely best decision trusting our puppy with Melissa!"